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What to Look for in a Lightweight Women’s E-Bike

The perfect eBike for women isn’t necessarily an eBike targeted specifically towards women. The perfect women’s electric bike is one that fits and feels just right to you. We believe we’ve created that perfect combination in a commuter eBike that does it all. We designed it for everyone. But when you ride it, you’ll feel it was designed specifically for you.

The Delfast California. It doesn’t hurt that comfort comes with looks this good, the range you demand, and safety and security features to keep you safe and focused on the road ahead. What does Delfast California bring to the table? Why is it the best of the light weight electric bikes for women? It could be that it’s packed with so many features that it ticks off every box on your Wishlist.

Comfortable. Lightweight. Super stylish. Intuitive to use. Easy to ride. Ridiculously smart. Fully connected. The most capable safety and security features. Step-through U-frame. Incredibly strong. 100 miles of range. Quick release battery. Powerful and fast. Fits riders from 5ft to 6ft 3in.

Let’s look a little deeper at all of Delfast California’s wonderful traits.

What to look for in a women’s electric bike

Comfort First Feel

When you step through the elegant U-frame onto the Delfast California you’ll feel quality all around you and beneath you. The soft comfort width saddle. The full suspension that absorbs those bumps and potholes. The smooth shifting power of the quiet mid-drive motor. The easily adjustable seat post and handlebars for that perfect fit ride. The always reachable display and app at your fingertips for adjustments on the go. Intuitively designed for comfort first rides.

Lightweight Balanced Design

An eBike that weighs only 66lbs but has a battery large enough for a range of 100 miles is truly remarkable. A light weight women’s electric bike that is perfectly balanced. We placed the battery and mid-drive motor at the very bottom apex of the U-frame, creating a perfectly balanced ride.

Super Stylish

Delfast California has the style to match your own with the function to fit your lifestyle. The beautiful arching lines. The unmistakable quality of the high-end materials. The BMX style handlebars. The street stunner tri-spoke wheels. It’s just cool. And it comes in 5 colorways for you to express yourself. A women’s electric bike should be about choice.

Intuitive and Easy to Ride

When women got the chance to ride the Delfast California the consensus rang out. It is soo easy to ride. The intuitive design lends an air of grace to its motion. The touch controls just make sense. The Delfast California just feels right. The women’s ebike with style and grace.

Way Smart and Fully Connected

Let’s geek out a bit. We know women have tech chops. The onboard computer is the brain of this fully connected California commuter. It has the smarts to rival any tech CEO in Silicon Valley. Yet it all works so seamlessly that you don’t even realize it’s there. But it is. It connects everything. Onboard computer to display, app, controller, mid-drive motor, regenerative braking system, battery, lighting, all the important components and safety features. All relayed for your control with a touch of your finger. The GSM 4G enabled back up even controls the onboard computer when off-grid with the included SIM.

 Safe and Secure

Safety is no joke. We designed Delfast California’s smart security system to make sure you feel safe and secure. Not only when riding the Delfast California but leaving it outside the office, the beach, or your favorite brunch spot. A women’s electric bike should instill confidence.

Security done smart. Location tracking, automatic immobilization, Bluetooth lock and unlock, customizable alarm that sounds if your eBike is moved. Above all, reliable. All these functions, and more, controlled by you on the Delfast | My eBike Ride app.

Incredibly Strong Step-through U-frame

The industry’s first true U-frame bike, as classically strong as a roman arch, intuitively designed for step-through access. Lightweight form, with 100% American steel for unsurpassed strength and performance. Perfectly positioned battery and motor at the base for balanced agility. A women’s electric bike that exudes strength and beauty.

100 Mile Range w/ Quick Release Battery

The perfect women’s electric bike for commuting is the eBike you don’t have to worry about running out of battery. Charge anytime or anywhere. Or don’t. Removable Samsung lithium-ion battery with 4-hour charge time, powers your ride up to 100 miles with PAS at 20mph. Battery securely locks to frame for peace of mind. Remove, charge, ride, repeat.

Powerful, Fast and Fun

Did someone make a rule that women’s eBikes can’t be fast? Our 750W mid-drive motor, with a peak of 1000W, gets up to 28 miles per hour in just 5 seconds. It’s not only fast when you want it to be, but also really fun to ride. A hill climbing commuter that’ll leave you looking fresh for a day at the office. It is so perfectly balanced and powerful that it doesn’t feel like it’s working hard at all.

Additional Features

Delfast California is a Class 3 eBike with 5 Pedal Assist Modes. Real-time range forecast lets you know exactly how many miles you can go based on your riding style. All-terrain tires take you from commute to trail. A class leading 2-year warranty for peace of mind. Tool free brake pad replacement. Quick adjust seat height. Wireless charging phone mount. See more specs here.

Indiegogo Campaign

The Delfast California, quite possibly the best of women’s lightweight electric bikes to ever be built, is debuting on indiegogo. Sign up for all the information and to be among the first to order and receive this beautiful ride at a discount. We look forward to seeing you out there riding.



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