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Ultra-Lightweight LECTRIC XP™ Lite Electric Bike – Foldable Design for Adults

Product Features:

Ultra-Lightweight & Foldable Design: Weighing just 46lbs, the LECTRIC XP™ Lite Electric Bike offers the perfect blend of convenience and performance. Its foldable design allows easy storage and transportation, making it an ideal choice for adults.

Impressive 40+ Mile Range: Equipped with a powerful battery, the electric bike offers an impressive range of 40+ miles, ensuring your journeys are long-lasting and uninterrupted. Perfect for long commutes or casual city rides.

5 Pedal-Assist Levels: The LECTRIC XP™ Lite Electric Bike is designed with 5 levels of pedal assistance, allowing you to adjust the amount of help you get from the motor. This helps in providing a personalized riding experience, catering to your needs and fitness levels.

Top Speed of 20mph: Experience the thrill of speed with the electric bike’s 20mph top speed. It is a class 1 and 2 eBike, giving you the freedom to enjoy fast-paced rides while maintaining safety and control.

Adult Folding Bikes: Designed specifically with adults in mind, this electric bike provides an easy-to-use, practical, and fun riding solution. Its sturdy and robust construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of everyday use while maintaining comfort and efficiency.

Product Description:

Introducing the LECTRIC XP™ Lite Electric Bike – a blend of convenience, performance, and style. This ultra-lightweight, foldable bike weighs just 46lbs, making it perfect for adults seeking an efficient way of commuting or exploring the city.

With a powerful battery offering an impressive 40+ mile range, your journeys are guaranteed to be long-lasting and uninterrupted. Customize your rides with 5 levels of pedal assistance and enjoy the thrill of a 20mph top speed.

Designed for adults, the folding bike is not only easy-to-use but sturdy enough to withstand everyday usage. Enjoy the freedom of riding with the LECTRIC XP™ Lite Electric Bike. Embark on your adventures today!

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