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Top 10 Mountain Bike Trail Routes For You To Try

If you’re like me, then mountain biking is one of your favorite past times and finding new trails to barrel down is always on your mind.
Luckily, you don’t need to waste any time glossing through dozens of sites just to find the best mountain bike trails because we’ve already done it for you.
Read on and you’ll see 10 of the very best mountain bike destinations that you should visit. We’ve looked at many factors like location, scenery, the length of the trail, as well as the difficulty of the trail in terms of inclines and winding paths.
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Mountain Bike

1) 401 Trail

Colorado is THE place to go if you want to glide down some of the most thrilling descents in the USA. However, we can only choose one from Colorado and so it has to be the 401.
This trail is between 9,000-11,000 feet, with jaw-dropping views of snow-capped mountains, sprawling meadows of wildflowers in every color, and gorgeous aspen groves.
Crested Butte has a relaxing and even therapeutic atmosphere but doesn’t let that give you any ideas about this trail is a walk, or more appropriately, ride in the park as this trail featured in the EWS (Enduro World Series) which shows just how challenging it can be.
One of the things you’ll first notice about this trail is the remoteness. You’ll begin by passing through the valleys and then ripping through the trees, and coming to an end riding through the explosion of color that is the flower meadows.
Length – 25km
Location – Crested Butte, Colorado

2) McKenzie River Trail

The McKenzie River Trail, there’s nothing quite like it. Located about an hour outside of Bend in Blue River this epic trail will await you.
The McKenzie River Trail is an immensely popular 41 km trail for mountain bikers with towering, 300-year-old trees, breathtaking lava fields, and past cascading waterfalls on the path.
This particular mountain bike destination is known for being a mostly downhill venture so make sure your mountain bike has some efficient MTB brakes so you can avoid having a close encounter with any trees.
The terrain isn’t too unforgiving though so if you want one of the more difficult trails then this may not be the one for you.
Length – 41 km
Location – McKenzie Highway, Blue River, Oregon

3) Flowtastic – Spain

The riding here goes hand in hand with the local cuisine. Deep in the Sierra Nevada, ‘Flowtastic’ will have you riding in the Spanish village of Trevelez, which is famed for its tasty ‘jamones’ so you’ll have a great snack to chow down on after your ride.
One of the greatest sights to behold on this trail is that when the air is clear you can even see the coast of Morocco on the horizon allowing you to stand on one mighty continent and see across to another.
The southern countryside of Spain proves for a serene ride and when you’re exhausted from mountain biking you can enjoy an idyllic evening on an organic farm where olives, grapes, and almonds grow in abundance.
Length – 200 km
Location – Sierra Nevada, Spain

4) The Whole Enchilada

Moab in Utah is talked about worldwide for its slickrock riding, incredible desert views, and welcoming town with excellent bike shops and shuttles.
But we’re talking about a specific trail here today and with a name like The Whole Enchilada, this trail delivers on giving you a healthy serving that won’t disappoint.
The Whole Enchilada in Utah connects four classic Moab trails: Burro Pass, Hazard Country, Kokopelli, and Porcupine.
This fun path starts at 11,150 feet and drops to 8,000 feet so be sure to bring a GoPro for the incredible views because you’ll be shooting down an evergreen forest, Warner Lake, and oak-covered slopes.
Length – 42 km
Location – Geyser Pass Rd, Moab, Utah

5) Lake Tahoe Rim Trail

Lake Tahoe is an expansive region that has dozens of sights laid across the shores of the largest and most crystal clear alpine lake in North America.
This region is famed for its mountain biking trails and the constant developments have really pushed this region into a world-class riding destination.
If downhill inclines are your thing then NorthStar Resort will be your area of choice but the attractions don’t end with the mountain bike trails as Tahoe has tons of restaurants, bike shops, and even six breweries in the region.
Must-ride trails include the Tahoe Rim Trail, Flume Trail, and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.
Tahoe really is a mountain bikers haven with some seriously challenging climbs and awe-inspiring scenery that accompanies it such as the evergreen forest, wildflower meadows, and ridges.
Length – 265 km total (8 individual trails)
Location – California and Nevada

6) Kingdom Trails

Vermont may be one of the smaller states but scratch beneath the surface and it’s packing 1,000 miles of trails, including easier on the tire pathways and rougher trails that provide a challenge for even the most technical riders.
Once you head to the Kingdom Trails center, the expert staff will map out a trail based on your bike riding level so if you’re a newbie to the mountain biking world then this is easily one of the best trails to begin with.
All the trails are well marked with easy-to-follow signs, even for beginners so hop on your bike and try out a pathway. We’d recommend the Tap ‘n Die trail if you really want to take your mountain biking seriously and test your reflexes.
Length – 1600 km total
Location – East Burke, Vermont

7) Osberg Ridgeline Trail

Next up is Idaho’s intoxicating Sun Valley. Riders will have over 400 miles of trail network to explore, two bike parks, lift-assisted madness on Bald Mountain, and 30 miles of paved bike paths for any road bike users.
Every trail here has steep mountain views, with a chilled out bike-town vibe. However, the main attraction here is the Osberg Ridgeline trail, a backcountry, 19 km point-to-point adventure with technical challenges and awesome sights the whole way.
Mountain bikers will also love the more well-developed areas in Sun Valley with it being a well-established downhill skiing destination, with tons of restaurants, bike shops, and three breweries.
Length – 22 km
Location – Ketchum, Sun Valley, Idaho

8) Park City

Park City was the first ever IMBA Gold-Level Ride Center. This gold-level status is thanks in part to an absolutely massive network of some of the best trails.
Most of these trails are classic trail riding or enduro mountain biking territory and if it’s downhill slopes, ideal for technical riders that you’re looking for, then the Canyons and Deer Valley resorts have got everything you need.
With over 400 miles of interconnected but fantastic, singletrack crafted by professional, full-time trail builders.
But that’s not all because there are also free shuttle buses and the town has a free dirt jump area, two bike parks, as well as bike-repair stations throughout.
Length – 48 km
Location – Park City, Utah

9) Lupra Pass – Nepal

The Himalayas is one of the most surreal places to see on the planet and is Mother Nature’s crowning achievement in natural beauty.
The high altitudes will leave you gasping for air but it’s well worth the effort because after a 300m ascension to a lofty height of 4100m through the Lupra Pass you’ll be at “the roof of the world”. After which you’ll have a solid vertical kilometre altitude dump filled with fast, flowing singletrack.
You’ll then traverse a long suspension bridge before starting along the dried up river bed for some rough and challenging riding to your lunch spot in Jomsom.
You can then round off your ride to the overnight stop of Marpha through some ‘urban’ Nepalese trail making this one of the most unique mountain bike trails. This one has to go on the bucket list.
Length – 160 km – 230 km
Location – Lupra pass, Nepal

10) Finger Lakes Trail

Noted as one of the “best mountain biking trails” by Bike Magazine, the Finger Lakes Trail in New York is a brilliant 34 km singletrack path.
The trail offers creek crossings, drops, a stunning pine forest, and incredible views of the Genesee River Gorge.
Be warned though, this trail can a real task even for the most adept mountain bikers so avoid taking a spill by staying on point maneuvering through the terrain.
You can choose to complete the entire trail or only take on a part of it, as there are several access points along River Road where the trail and road meet meaning this mountain biking trail is perfect when it comes to customizing your route and level of challenge you’ll face.
Length -1500 km total
Location – Finger Lakes trail, New York

requently Asked Questions

What makes a good mountain bike trail?
It can depend on your preference but if you want an exciting trail to maneuverer through then you’ll want to look out for snappy turns, rollers, and roller doubles. Other features that link together without having any dull sections where you keep your speed will also help with achieving that smooth, flowy feeling.

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