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The Most Affordable cargo electric bike

The All-New Ferla Family Cargo Bike – Inspired for Greatness. Ferla Inspire is our most affordable model yet. The same top quality craftsmanship and design you love now it’s available at our lowest price point ever. With a light frame design, ability to be cargo bike electric or non-electric, this model is the perfect new member for your family.

cargo bike electric


We secure the most dependable, high-quality parts to build cargo bicycles for fun commutes with loved ones. Discover how our imaginative history with cycle-based ventures, love for families, want for inclusiveness, and fondness for the environment inform our beloved products. 



We can now proudly introduce our Ferla Inspire Cargo Bike! The craftsmen at Ferla Bikes have carefully restructured the basis of the cargo to create a lightweight and affordable option for the market. Every family matters to us at Ferla and every family deserves to come together. We went back to the drawing board and did not quit until we found a way to make a model affordable for any family. Finally it’s here, you asked, we listened, we made it with love.

cargo bike electric


The New Ferla Cargo is as attractive as it is affordable! Each cargo is designed and built with sleek detail and craftsmanship. Even our additional features such as fully enclosed sun & rain canopy and sleek doors are built with the utmost attention to protection and quality! Our impact resistant Cargo is guaranteed to protect your most valued items, especially your kids! Turn heads, show it off to your neighbors! They will be begging to know where you got your Cargo Bike!

cargo electric bikes

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