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Netuno PLUS E-Mountain Bike-New design

Unleash the true power of your ride

With a powerful 250W Bafang motor that easily tackle hills and headwinds, you can customize the level of assistance with the pedal-assist function or use the throttle to maintain your cruising speed effortlessly.

45 Nm Torque          15.5 miles/h Limited speed

revolt electric bike

Keep going and going with long-lasting energy.

Experience the ultimate thrill of unstoppable cruising with our high-capacity Lithium 36V, 14.5Ah Samsung/LG battery. Enjoy long-lasting power and performance for your daily commute or weekend adventures, while advanced safety features ensure reliability and durability. With a detachable battery granting up to 60 km of effortless riding, revolutionize your ride like never before. Ensure that the display is switched on when the battery is fully charged and that the switch to the right of the battery is switched on (note that switch 1 is on and 0 is off)

revolt electric bikes

Torque sensors!

Netuno Plus uses torque sensors to accurately sense riding conditions and demands, adjusting motor output power and speed according to different conditions to provide a smarter and more natural riding experience.

Torque sensors

Backlit Display and Extra Power on Tap!

Easy-to-read display monitors your speed, pedal-assistant level, mileage, battery status, etc. Above that it also allows you to easy charging your smartphone with an integrated USB port. No more worrying about losing touch with your cycling buddies.

Backlit Display

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