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Keep Your E-Bike Rolling Smoothly

Taking your E-Bike in for service is an essential aspect of ownership. Over the course of hundreds and thousands of miles (and plenty of fun!), brake pads wear down, chain lubricant dissipates, and tire tread wears out. While wear and tear are natural, regular check-ins with a trusted professional can maintain your bike’s performance and ensure future enjoyment. Plus, we have replacement parts available for all your needs.

Every Six Months or 1,000 Miles!

So, how frequently should you schedule maintenance? As a rule, we recommend a basic tune-up at least every six months or 1,000 miles – whichever comes first. Monitoring how, where, and when you ride, and the consequent effects on your E-Bike will help you establish a more personalized schedule.

When booking a basic diagnostic or tune-up at a reputable bike shop, expect services covering brakes, derailleurs, chain, wheels, rims, hubs, spokes, and tires. Most providers also offer overhauls, which typically include the same items as a tune-up but may involve parts replacement.

Keep in mind that your own activities and environment determine how often you should service your E-Bike. Utilize the above suggestions as a guideline and always prioritize caution. If you sense it’s time for a service, it likely is!



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