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How To Use And Shift Bike Gears

Your muscle power and your bike’s gearing system are equally related to each other. The gearing system is there so that you can make the best out of your muscle prowess. Here, we will discuss how the bike’s gearing system works and how you can make the best out of it!

Bike gears are there to help you out, they make sure that you reach the full potential of your muscle power. When you shift gears, you choose the level of power you have to exert for a pedal stroke, start from the easier gear and then work from there.

Once you start trying these things out, you would be amazed by the type of gear combinations that you can master. The more you understand about the bike gears, the more you can push yourself with your bike, that is why this guide is for you!
Bike gears are not that complex, once you get fully familiar with them, they will help you unlock your full potential. Let us start with dissecting the bike gears and exploring the drivetrain fully.

Exploring The Bike’ Drivetrain

In order to get started with the gears, we will be discussing the bike’s drivetrain in detail. If we talk about a conventional multi-speed bike, then it will have the following components. Although, do know that the same pattern will be suitable for these kinds of bikes:

Hybrid Style Bikes
Road Bike
Mountain Bikes
The bike’s pedals are attached to components and then those components have several parts. Those important components also include chain rings that are very important for pedaling and to change gears. Depending on the type of bike you have, there could be multiple chain rings, ranging from one to three.


Let’s talk about the cassette now! The bike’s rear cassette is a hoard of cogs- you can also call them gears, these cogs (gears) are mounted on the rear wheels, the right side to be exact. The cassette component is also very crucial in maintaining easier gears.

A bike’s derailleurs are made from many important components and each of them is equally important. The bike’s chain is very important when it comes to pedaling and grip shift. The chain actually connects the front chainrings and the rear cogs of the bike. This connection makes sure that the wheels turn when you turn the pedals of the bike, even the brake lever is connected to this.
There is a number of teeth on the chainrings and the cogs, they combine to make the pedaling easier. The more teeth there are, the more you will be able to pedal lightly.

Let’s talk about the shifters now, or the shift levers. These shifters actually control the twist grips, levers, or brake levers that operate the derailleurs, both the front and rear derailleurs. Shifters also control power output in electronic shifters, that’s why they are very important.
In the majority of the bikes, the right hand shifter controls the rear derailleur and the left hand shifter controls the front derailleur, that is how these mechanics work.

The derailleur is that mechanism of your bike that guides the chain ring and cogs when you shift gears. In the majority of the bikes, there will be a rear derailleur but not a front derailleur. From the front chain rings to the rear cogs, everything is controlled by the derailleur.
So if you are climbing a steep hill perhaps, make sure that your derailleur is in really good shape!

What Are Drivetrains With Hub Shifters?
Most of the modern bikes that are produced, especially high-tier ones they are built with an internal hub, this basically kills the need of having derailleurs, cassettes, or chainrings, this transition makes shifting bike gears easy. While there are fewer gears, this also makes the overall maintenance of the bikes very easy.
They are very easy to use and they will make you feel that shifting gears has never been this easy and fun!
What Are The Different Gear Ranges On Bikes?
Different bikes have different levels of gears in them that help in achieving varying traits. Road bikes have higher gears that actually allow them to achieve those top speeds that are known for. Mountain bikes on the other hand are constructed with lower gears that allow them to climb steep hills.
If a bike has more gears then it means that the ride can achieve more with them, but that also increases the technicality. As a result, most of the bikes that are produced today have 1X drivetrains, meaning that there is only a singular chainring at the front.
Although if you want to go for different types of road bikes or hybrid bikes then you can certainly do that! Too much power sometimes is harder to control.
Now that we know the fundamental mechanical functions of the gears system, it is time to discuss how to use/shift the gears.

How To Easily Use/Shift Your Bike’s Gears
Are you tired of that grinding noise whenever you try to use your bike’s gears? They occur because you are not using the gears properly. Although in this guide, we will teach and guide you exactly how easily you can use the gears and shift properly!
We will guide you through two different sections, in one, you will learn to cater to a conventional drivetrain and in the other, you will learn to cater to the hub system.

Using Gears In A Conventional System
In order to reach that perfect pedal stroke, you would have to follow our instructions. Achieving that perfect gear is not easy but with our help, it can become easier than usual. As we discussed before, the left shifter of the bike will control the front chainrings.
The cycling industry asks this question many times, how can they make gearing easier in a conventional system? In the case that there are three front chainrings, you have to start the chain which is actually in the middle. You can make the necessary adjustments that are needed.
Whenever there is a big climb ahead, you would want to make the pedaling easier. Increased power output would definitely help you, that is why you need to move your chain to the smallest front chainring, this will ensure that your strokes are easier to pull off.
In order to archive steady cadence and to make pedaling harder, you need to move the chain to the largest front chainring. This even helps you in controlling your bike’s speed and slowing drastically.

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