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How to Set Up an Apple AirTag on Your E-Scooter or E-Bike?


Electric bikes and scooters have significantly grown in recent years due to their amusing style and smooth, soft drives. They are so much sought-after that some passionate people spend extra money to have the best one, while those who cannot afford choose to steal it. It doesn’t matter whether you have a high-end electric bike or scooter, but being careless about theft protection or applying inadequate protection, you can risk your electric vehicle being stolen and might endanger it to theft. Usually, thieves either take away some parts of your electric vehicle or steal them entirely with nothing left out, especially when they discover a weak lock system out there.

However, iOS users can use Apple AirTags to protect their electric scooters and bikes from any risk of getting stolen. This article will explore detailed information about Apple AirTag, its benefits, and how to use it to protect your electric vehicles from being stolen. So, let’s quickly get started for an informative read without wasting any time. 

What is an Apple AirTag?

Apple has produced a user-friendly and convenient Bluetooth device, AirTag, to track your valuable belongings. It is a small battery-powered device with a button-like shape that lets you detect anything you attach using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Apple overviewed AirTags to keep track of keys, bagsand such items. However, their significant features, such as small size, long battery life, and extreme accuracy, have made AirTags perfect for a wide range of apps, even tracking your electric vehicle without a fuss.


Why Should You Set up an Apple AirTag for Your E-Scooters/E-Bikes?

With the recent increase in thefts, it has been essential to take adequate protection to keep your e-bikes or e-scooters safe from thieves. If you have installed Apple’s GPS location tracking device AirTag on your electric two-wheeler, and your vehicle gets stolen, you can quickly and easily use the network to help track the location.

The AirTag connects via Bluetooth to nearby Find My network devices of Apple. When your AirTag is set in the Lost Mode, it automatically alerts others in the Find My network that your electric vehicle is lost and provides your contact information.


Step-by-step Guide to Setting Up AirTag

Apple AirTags are Bluetooth devices that enable you to locate anything you attach to using your iOS device like iPhone/iPad or even iPod touch (iOS 14.5 version or iPad OS 14.5 later).

However, before setting up the AirTag, remember to turn on the following on your device:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Find My
  • Bluetooth
  • Location services
  • Precision Finding

Ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi or cellular network connection to complete the setup. Then, follow the below-written straightforward steps to set up AirTag and protect your electric scooter against theft. 


A. Connecting AirTag to Apple Device

You can conveniently use Apple AirTag to keep track of your e-bike or e-scooter and help locate them if they are ever misplaced. Let’s know how.

Step 1: Firstly, update your iPhone to iOS 14.5 or a later version. If you have more than one AirTag, you must set them up one at a time.

Step 2: Remove the protective film from your AirTag and gently pull out the battery tab. You will then hear the AirTag welcome sound when activated.

Step 3: Then bring your AirTag and your iPhone/iPad or iPod next to each other, and tap Connect. A prompt will be displayed on your iPhone to show the setup process.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen prompts and steps to complete the AirTag setting. Then, secure the Air Tag to your e-bike or e-scooter. 


B. Naming and Personalizing Your AirTag

Give each AirTag a unique name in the Find My app. Just check the simple process below.

Step 1: In the Find My app, tap the Items option to see each AirTag on a map.

Step 2: Tap the e-bike or e-scooter you want to name.

Step 3: Scroll down and tap the Rename Items option.

Step 4: Next, choose the Custom Name.

Step 5:  Now, choose an emoji to represent your item.

Step 6: Next, tap the item name and insert a new name.

Step 7:  After that, tap the Done button. 


C. Attaching AirTag to an Electric Scooter or Electric Bike

Once you have set and named your Apple AirTag, we will learn how to install it with some essential tools at the appropriate location on your e-scooter. Here are some valuable suggestions. 

  1. AirTags come with an IP67 water resistance rating. It means they’re pretty waterproof, but we suggest installing them on an electric scooter in stealthy and underhanded locations so they can not easily be removed or spotted and remain protected from harmful elements.
  1. For all e-scooters, you can use a light adhesive putty or even velcro to hold the AirTag in place. 
  1. The battery of the Air Tag should be replaced once a year, so ensure not to put it or attach it with a permanent adhesive where you can’t reach it again. 
  1. Installing your AirTag inside the scooter’s deck is usually a good location.
  1. In the scooters, where their battery lives in the center of the deck, there are separate channels on either side for cabling. You can install the AirTag in either channel.
  1. In some e-scooters, the best place for an AirTag is below the seat, which has the motor controller. You can easily attach it beneath the seat or along the frame.
  1. In mini e-scooters, you must remove the entire front or back end to install an AirTag. 


D. Testing the Tracking Functionality 

If you want to test the tracking functionality or happen to lose your e-scooter in a crowd of scooters, or worse, it gets stolen, you can easily track your vehicle down using an AirTag.

Using the Find My app, you can track and navigate to the AirTag on the map on your iPhone screen or play a customizable sound if you’re within Bluetooth range.

You can use the network to help track your e-scooter’s location in the event of theft. The Apple AirTag connects via Bluetooth to Find My network in Apple devices nearby.

In the Lost Mode, your Apple AirTag alerts others in the Find My network that your e-scooter is lost and provides your contact information.

Note: When you set the Lost Mode on your iPhone, don’t forget to provide your contact number or active email address so others can reach you.

You can also set a notification in your iPhone/iPad/iPod to alert you if the AirTag’s location changes in your Find My network.

The Final Thoughts

With the recent increase in thefts, protecting our e-bikes or e-scooters from thieves has been essential. As Apple has released the new AirTags, it has now been a lot easier and cheaper to add GPS location tracking devices to your electric two-wheelers. If you have installed Apple’s GPS location tracking device, AirTag, on your electric two-wheeler, and your vehicle gets stolen, you can quickly and easily use the network to help track the location. The AirTag connects via Bluetooth to nearby Find My network devices of Apple. In the Lost Mode, it even alerts others in the Find My network that your electric vehicle is lost and provides your contact information.

If you want to know more about Shuangye electric bikes or have any questions about our electric bikes/smart helmet and their components, please feel free to reach out to our customer service. We are always here to assist you.



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