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HOW TO Attach Child Seat To Bike

Want to take your kid cycling with you?

If you’re someone who loves cycling and has kids, then this is for you. Not all of us have the luxury of having someone around to take care of our little ones, and after working all day we may not even want to leave them when we go out for a bike ride.
A cycle ride in the outdoors can be marvelous after a stressful day, and for your child too. How Old Can a Baby Ride in a Bike Seat? If they’re too young for their own little bike, or you want to take long distance rides and get some healthy exercise in, then taking your child with you on your bike is a solid idea. But, for that, you need to know how to install a child’s seat to your bike rack.

Let me help you out.

I will discuss everything I wish I had known when installing a child’s seat to my bike rack securely. Of course, the first step is getting the Best Child Seat for Road Bike. Once you have the right seat, then attaching it to your bike is the easy part.
Most parents find that a leisurely cycle ride with their child on the rear is not just a way of getting outdoors, but can also help when you’re trying to get your child to sleep. Bear in mind that children over one years old should use a kid’s bike traile that hooks up to the rear derailleur. Depending on your child and what you have, you’ll need to know what is the best child bike seat.
Let’s get straight into this!


Step1. Install the base

]How to attach child bike seat? The first thing you need to do is to attach a base that is secure onto your bike. This base is what the baby carrier will be strapped onto, so it needs to be stable.
When installing the base make sure it is fastened very tightly otherwise the baby carrier can risk falling off without it.
The base attaches onto the seat and the bike’s spoke area, so you need to have bought the right one to fit onto your bike.
Next you need to take out a screw or a bolt that runs through the seat. You can now put the carrier in place and replace the bolt through the carrier and seat making sure to tighten it well.
There are often mounts on the rear of the bike frame that the safety carrier will also screw in with an Allen wrench. Make sure these are also secure.

Step 2. Secure the seat

Now you need to take the specially designed baby seat. The design of the seat will mean that your child’s legs will be hanging low while you cycle.
The carrier is attached to the bike and tightened four different ways to ensure maximum security. Place the seat on the bike base and using a hand crank tighten on the bottom and on the side.
You can now securely strap the baby carrier to the seat for an extra layer of protection.
Step3. Put your child in it!
You now know how to attach a child bike seat? The bike carrier is ready to be used, but always do final checks and make sure your baby is secure in their seat both at the start and during your ride. Sometimes they can slip around a bit when going over uneven terrain or over bumps. It’s very safe, and who knows could be the reason your child loves cycling when they grow up!


Extra Tips

Here are a few extra tips and tricks to help you once you know how to attach a child seat to a bike.
Don’t worry
It can be easy to stress over your little one strapped in the back, and cycling with them for the first time can feel daunting. Being nervous can be good, as it means you’re being more careful, adapting your riding style and habits to improve your child’s safety.
You’ll soon get used to having your child with you on bike rides, and your young one will get the most from the outdoors too.
Try out before buying
Before you invest your money in a child bike seat, it might be worth trying it out first to see if you and your child like it.
Lots of bike shops that sell child bike seats to attach onto the rear rack let you try it out and practice riding before purchasing it. This test ride is a good way of seeing how you like the feel of two seats on the bike or if your baby enjoys it.
It’s also a good way of checking you have the right weight capacity, or if you prefer to go ahead and invest in a child trailer instead, since they can handle the extra weight.


Try riding without your child

This might sound silly, but hear me out on this.
When you’ve never used a rear child bike seat or a front child seat before, then why not practice riding without your child first? Before going on a long ride, make sure you’re comfortable with the added weight of rear child bike seats and then you can bring your child along in it.

Add weight

Something that can help is to load up the front child seat with something heavy, like a sack of potatoes and getting used to this extra weight. One thing that most cyclists struggle with at first when using rear frame mounted seats is the weight of the child and how this impacts their stability. This would be the perfect way to practice your riding and braking with this extra load on the bikes frame, in a safe way. It can help you to gain stability too.
Start slowly on the first ride
Needless to say, even after having done all of this, the first ride on the bike seat can still be scary. The best way to go about it is to plan your route, go for a short ride at first. You can maybe stick to smooth roads first in a quiet place and this will help your child with the experience.

Final Thoughts

Installing a frame-mounted seat so you can bring your child with you on bike rides is no easy task. For the child ride to go smoothly, the rack mount has to be securely attached to the bike’s frame and you need to know how to attach child seat on bike. Most bikes have a rear-mounted rack that is attached to the rear wheel and rear axle, others are secured via the top tube for a front seat. Every bike has its own mounting point.

Whether you’re installing front seats or bike seats on the rear rack of the back wheel, going on your roads bike or mountain biking, you can be sure that the bike seat is well secured. Of course, the first ride is going to be pretty nerve racking, but you will soon get into the swing of it.

Is bike riding with your child worth it?

Have you tried bike riding with your child before?

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