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Electric Bikes for Adults – 1000W BAFANG Motor

About this item

  • 【1000W POWERFUL BAFANG MOTOR】- This adult electric bike is equipped with a BAFANG 1000W high-speed motor. A peak rating of 1500W will provide you with more energy, easily reach the top speed of 45km/h and conquer 30°uphill. The torque of 95N.M is enough for your daily riding on various terrains, ensuring an excellent off-road riding experience. As a top-brand motor, built-in thermal protection prevents overheating when you go uphill, thereby improving system safety, efficiency, and longevity.
  • 【NEW RIDING EXPERIENCE】- 1000W adult ebike is a smart pedelec with torque sensor technology, the torque sensor monitors the pedal force and understands your intention when riding the drive motor provides the appropriate auxiliary power for your will, allowing you to ride easier and more enjoyable. The torque sensor system combined with 5 levels of pedal assists helps you climb steep hills with ease! To meet diverse needs, Hunter’s electric bicycle is also equipped with a thumb throttle.
  • 【840WH HIGH-CAPACITY BATTERY】- The Hunter electric bike for adults breaks through the limit in terms of range, the removable 48V 17.5AH lithium-ion battery has a cruising range of up to 65-100KM per full charge. The long-lasting battery powers you through a day of urban commuting to work or mountain biking. The 3A fast charger charges the elecric bike battery to 100% in 6 hours. It has 2 charging methods, and the removable battery is convenient to take home or charge at the office.
  • 【EXCELLENT RIDING EXPERIENCE】- The motorcycle-style double-shoulder suspension air forks on our electric bicycle, make it easy to adjust the suspension to the rider’s weight and riding condition. This adjustability allows for a more personalized and comfortable ride. The 2.8T thicker 180MM vs 160MM hydraulic brake rotors can provide a better braking effect in any condition, the braking distance of hydraulic is 50% shorter than that of mechanical on average, effectively improving your safety.
  • 【EVERYTHING IS IN SIGHT】- With a high-contrast one-piece embedded LCD display delivers all important information at a glance and can also be read in direct sunlight without difficulty. Easily switch between pedal assist levels and see your ebike speed and battery life, and charge your phone via its hidden USB port. Shimano 8-speed shifting gives you more options when riding in all conditions. Accurate use of the shifting system can increase the range on a single charge by as much as 15%.
  • 【INTEGRATED CARBON FIBER FRAME】- A high-performance 1000W adult electric bike with a carbon fiber frame, and it is only 5.0lbs(2.3kg), the weight is only 1/4 of that of iron and 1/3 of that of aluminum alloy, but the surface strength of carbon fiber is much higher than that of iron and aluminum. Electric bikes with carbon fiber frames are faster than aluminum ones because they have a more aerodynamic design that helps them experience less drag at higher speeds, making the ride easier.
  • 【THE FASTEST ASSEMBLY YOU’LL FIND】- The average time to assemble a TESGO electric mountain bike is 15 minutes or less. They ship almost fully assembled in 100% recyclable packing, so you’re ready to hit the road in no time. And they are stored in a Canadian warehouse to ensure the fastest delivery to you. Meanwhile, we provide lifetime technical support, and our 24/7 customer service team is always ready to answer your questions.ebike


Hotebike Putting forth our best efforts, we create a timeless high-end electric bicycle for you.Shimano brand components BaFang electric motor kenda tires These top-of-the-line components ensure optimal performance and reliability for your riding experience.
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