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Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes [of 2021]

Fat tire electric bike is a new sub-trend inspired by both electric and fat bikes.

In essence, a fat tire eBike offers extra boost which is useful when riding on snow, sand, or mountain trails. Unlike non-electric fat bike, electric fat bikes are convenient for longer routes and hilly areas. Many riders also use electric bike fat tire as a comfortable way to commute.

In 2021, the fat electric bike industry has gone through its first phase of trial & error, and what we have left is a selection of the best available bikes you can order online. Have a look at the nice bikes we’ve listed below. If you think there’s something else that should be on the list, leave us a comment below!

Choosing a Fat E-Bike – Brief Guide

electric fat tire bikeCLASSIFICATIONS
Class 1 fat tire bicycle – Pedal-assist only with no throttle. Max speed of 20mp/h, motor power up to250W/350W/500W 750W
Class 2 fat tire electric bike – Throttle-assist only (Optional pedal-assist mode) Max speed limited to 20mp/h, motor power up to 500W/750W.
Class 3 fat tire motorcycle – Pedal-assist up to 28mp/h (Some bikes come with a throttle, assisted to 20mp/h). Wearing a helmet is compulsory. Motor power up to 750W/1000W
Class 4 electric bicycle fat tire – Motor wattage over 750W, max speed 55-65mp/h and over. Considered a motor vehicle so licenses may apply. An electric bike with the highest max speed.


x2.8” – Often known as a plus-size tire (not a fat tire). Usually found on 27.5″ wheel mountain bikes.
x3.5” – Anything above that width is considered a fat bike tire.
x4.0” – A standard fat bike tire size.
x4.5” – Standard fat bike tire width.
x4.8” – Another standard size
x5.0“The maximum width we’ve seen so far.

Fat Bike Tire Types – Studded – Trail – Commuter


Although most fat bikes are equipped with 26″ wheels and a rigid fork, there are a number of wheel sizes to choose from.

20” – Found on folding fat eBikes.
26” – Most common wheel size among fat bikes.
27.5” – Available on rare occasions among hybrid or mountain fat bikes.
*29er fat bikes are not around, although a 26″ and 27.5″ with the fat tire make up the size of an original 29″ MTB wheel!

RIGID vs. SUSPENSION on a Fat Bike

There’s no need for suspension on a fat bike as the large-volume tires offer plenty of comfort for the ride. Besides, suspension consumes a fair amount of energy, and the good part about having a rigid frame is that the 20×4.0 fat tire keeps a better momentum compared to suspension bikes as well. Some ebike fat tire come equipped with front suspension, but you shouldn’t worry about the momentum since the bike is powered by an electric motor.                                               


Are fat bikes slow and hard to ride?

Riding a fat bike might seems like a lot of work due to the extra rolling resistance of a wider tire, but the majority of non-electric fat bikes are quite lightweight and nimble on the right surfaces. They perform best on soft surfaces like snow and sand (the reason they were originally built). Now add an electric motor and it takes away most of the effort needed to pedal the bike through soft surfaces.


Fastest fat tire electric bike = Class 4 and Class 3 eBikes run at a max speed of 30-50mi and over.

Fat Bike = Fat Tire Bike = Big Tire Bicycle

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